The First Nerd Show in CTV!

Yuening Gu
3 min readMay 10, 2021


May.6, 2021 is the first Nerd Show in CTV and Alex Prast is the anchor of the show. In this photo essay, I would like to show the preparation of the show, the live show and what we would do after the show.

When he came to the studio, he met the producer of the show, Casey Abashian first. After exchanging pleasantries, they discussed the content of the show and the preparation needed.

The director and the studio crew are doing the preparation work before the show. Catey Nelson is fixing the color of the screen and Hattie Williams is making marks on the script.

We have no idea who have entered the studio and changed the sitting of the studio. The light, camera position and the color on the screen are all looks weird.

Alex, “I have no idea what’s going on, just all the stuff looks weird.”

When importing the packages into the computer, there are something go wrong with the packages and Alex is helping to fix the issue.

Before go to the stage, Alex is arranging his clothes.

Julie Baltazar is one of the studio crew. After the spring break, there are not enough people still on campus, so Julie needs to help to do a lot work. She helped to do the mic check for Alex first and then change the angle of the camera to make Alex looks great on desk.

The show is going smoothly on live and Alex also did great.

After the show, the anchor and the producers sat together and talked about the things they can improve in the next show. Although there are still some mistakes in the live show, in general, this is still a great show.

Just like Alex said, “this is great show and I really appreciated for your efforts!”



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